Eyelands Book Awards 2019 FINALIST

Scarlett Ink Publishing is honored and thrilled that A. L. Waddington’s newest release, TRANSCENDENCE, the Spirit Quest series, Book 1, was named a FINALIST for the 2019 EYELANDS BOOK AWARD for the category of Young Adult/Children’s Fiction. We could not be more proud of her and her accomplishments and wish her all the luck as she (im)patiently awaits the final results!


The Spirit Quest Series, Book 1

A storm is brewing . . .

Several years ago, Sidney learned that she, like her sister Jocelyn, has inherited the gift or curse of EVE ― the ability to live parallel lives on two separate planes of existence two centuries apart as their soul travels nightly. A prospect she has yet to fully embrace.

Sidney’s 21st century life consists of her boyfriend Landon, completing her residency and following her mothers’ footsteps to becoming a doctor. She has worked hard and sacrificed much to get where she is, and she is proud of all she has accomplished.

But the actions of her 19th century self threatens to jeopardize it all. As the treat of the looming American Civil War darkens her world, she is consumed with her limited abilities as a woman. Unrest and tension surround her Boston home as her neighbors speculate what the future holds. How can she remain silent in her knowledge when her husband Keifer, and all those dear to her will soon be in jeopardy?

Is losing the life of someone you love to save your future in another world selfish? Can she be so selfish?

The storm around her is brewing and she feels powerless to stop it.