“F**K You, Colonists” – Teaching Racism & Hatred, Not Social Justice at Adler University

Words I never imagined hearing in a graduate program classroom, yet there it was – premiered by the scorning of “I hate all white people”. Words encouraged by Social Justice Adjunct Professor, Sheri Lewis, PhD at Adler University in Chicago, Illinois. Words that should enrage individuals of every race, ethnicity, and culture.

As a self-professed expert, Dr. Lewis cited that all white people exhibit tendencies of white privilege, white supremacy, and suffer from white fragility and that if this was not admitted by her students, she stated plainly to them in comments and posting on the class discussion board, then they would fail. Throughout the spring and summer of 2020 while the country exploded in racial division and hatred akin to the likes of 1960s, Dr. Lewis ascended on a malicious assault against White people, Law Enforcement Officers and Republicans. She incited students with her unending zealousness that all Law Enforcement Officers relish in exploiting and killing minorities and continuously berated President Trump and his supporters.

Dr. Lewis noted to a white student, who wishes to remain anonymous, that she had “conflated discrimination with white fragility and the effects of white supremacy” because this student had the gumption to confront Dr. Lewis about her racist, biased, and discriminatory remarks. When the University officials received notice of Dr. Lewis’ blatantly racist rhetoric, they took no action to curtail her behavior or correct these issues. Plus, upon learning of the formal complaints filed against her, Dr. Lewis openly mocked them and the complainants without naming the students, but the message was clear. Afterwards, Adler attempted to placate students with ‘we’re investigating’. Still months later, their inaction has forced many students to withdrawal from their graduate programs.

Furthermore, numerous students have filed complaints with the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Education and the ACLU. Other students intend to file complaints after completing the course in fear they will experience retaliation for doing so while still enrolled in the course. In short, Adler is well aware of Dr. Lewis’ discriminatory practices. However, it has taken no actions to correct them. Thus, it has ratified such behavior.

When did we become a society where it is socially acceptable to target, pursue, torment, harass, attack, or even kill a specific race or profession? When did our country, our government decide that we were going to allow a bunch of self-entitled, lazy, participation trophy degenerate snowflakes destroy our history, our heritage, our lives simply because they throw a tantrum? This indoctrination begins at home and our educational system where clearly history ― true history ― is not being properly and accurately taught with facts and figures. The failure of our educational system, of parents to discipline their children, teach them responsibility and to hold them accountable for their actions and behavior, and as a society for placating these individuals have allowed them to run amuck as domestic terrorists. These failures have provided the opportunity for malicious and manipulative vipers into the minds of impressionable individuals and corrupt their belief systems.

People must be taught respect for the law, for Law Enforcement Officers, for religious freedom, of others, the elderly, authority figures, and our Constitution & Bill of Rights allotted to every American. It is our responsibility to reform, revitalize, and restructure our educational system and law enforcement training. The two are clearly linked because the failure of one coincides with the failure of the other. In the manner of a few short months, certain individuals have erased the last sixty years of progress in our nation. We must do better. For this is not the country I want to leave for my children or my grandchildren.

The political and racial turmoil throughout the country has fueled this fire as 2020 has progressed. Many students who pay upwards of 45 – 60 thousand dollars for a graduate degree are leaving Adler University. Personally, I would like to see Adler lose their accreditation and federal funding. As a person placed in a position of authority, Dr. Lewis is responsible with shaping the minds of those entrusted to her charge. She has exploited her position in the extreme to spread her personal agenda of hate, discrimination, bigotry, and unashamed racism. An individual such as this has no place in the academic world nor amongst decent people.

So, to anyone considering investing in higher education I urge you to truly investigate the schools of your choice. If, by chance, you stumble across Adler University in your pursuits, I strongly encourage you to run the other way as fast as you possibly can. They will only ensure that your voice does not count and social justice to them is what works for their agenda, not what is right for their students.