This Is Us

As an organization, Scarlett Ink Publishing has forgone any political postings/blogging, etc. over the last year. Our founders believe that everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions and beliefs.

At Scarlett Ink Publishing we believe and practice equality and inclusion and celebrate our cultural diversity and uniqueness. We know that a matrix of individuals, their backgrounds, experiences, and eccentricities are essential in creating an environment conducive to creativity and success. We have, and will always maintain a zero tolerance policy for racism, bigotry, harassment, and discrimination with our employees, contractors, vendors, and distributors (Please refer to SIP’s Code of Ethics).

Here at Scarlett Ink Publishing we truly believe that every life is precious and ALL LIVES MATTER. We whole-heartedly respect and support Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, our nations Service Members in every branch of the Military and their families. We believe that those who put their lives on the line and sacrifice everything to protect our communities and our nation deserve and demand our respect. They are the true heroes of our nation and for that, they have our unwavering support, respect, and gratitude.

That being said, Scarlett Ink Publishing has the responsibility to bring forefront those institutions that actively practice racism, bigotry, harassment, and discrimination against any race, religion, or profession. For we believe that society should be fully aware of these and form their own opinions about such organizations and if they choose to support them verbally or financially.