Scarlett Ink Publishing is proud to present Addison’s ToyBox. We realize that this global pandemic has been trying and stressful on many relationships. And as mothers and wives of essential workers, we know finding time to reconnect with each other can be challenging.

Our research has shown that we are not alone in our plight. Plus, depending on your region, the shutdown of many restaurants, movie houses, theaters, and sporting venues, creating a special date night with your spouse is almost impossible.  Therefore, in order to help couples reconnect with each other and recapture the passion in their relationships that is all to often buried beneath the stress of our daily lives that are filled with children, e-learning, paying the bills, fixing meals, laundry that breeds by itself, and the never ending pile of dishes in the sink, we designed Addison’s ToyBox.

Each giftbox contains:

~An adult romance/erotica (what we refer to as soccer mom porn) novel written by one of  our Featured Authors such as bestselling author, Savannah Maris.

~Condoms (selected to be both functional and fun such as glow in the dark, flavored, colored, textured, etc.)

~Lubricant/Body Butter (each enticing in their varied flavors and/or heating-cooling properties)

~Tantric Cards (each month you’ll receive an introduction to different exotic and sensual positions with simple instructions to amplify your pleasure)

~A Little Something Extra (various little fun and playful items to remind couples of the pleasures in life such as body paints, candles, or more intimate tantalizing trinket.

~Adult Toy (a high quality adult toy to enhance your most intimate desires)

So, if you want to reconnect with your partner and recapture or enhance your quarantine date night, you can sign up for your subscription at  Addison’s ToyBox and every other month you will receive your discreet toybox of goodies. If you want to try a sample giftbox, they are available in our Library. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Start your New Year off with a Bang and remember . . . This will be the first monthly you’ve ever looked forward to!!

***Preorders Available Now for Valentine Day Delivery***

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