About Us

Scarlett Ink Publishing was founded in the spring of 2017.  Our founder, Angela Staeheli, has a masters in psychology and is currently working on her doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology.  She has more than a decade of management experience in the medical field  and almost as much time in marketing.

NOVELS/TRADE BOOKS: We are a small independent full service publisher that works with seasoned authors and a select few new authors. We are interested in a wide range of genres – basically whatever piques our interest, but we do not publish nonfiction.

MARKETING: With the explosion of the internet and social media, the field of marketing has greatly changed. Most businesses have used this to their advantage. We cater to all business types, but cater to the noticeable gap in the medical field.   We offer:

¨ A comprehensive marketing  strategy

¨ An individualized action plan

¨ Multiple marketing forums 

¨ Leadership training & consulting

¨ Marketing management of online SEO, networking & referrals, print & social media.

Contact us now for your individualized marketing strategy.