Author Addison Winters is the writer of sexy, sultry, psychological adult romance sure to titillate the mind and stimulate the senses. She has earned a reputation for her witty realism, writing with substance, and as an author who puts her heart and soul into her writing. WHAT I REALLY LEARNED IN COLLEGE, and MAKING THE DEAN’S LIST, the first two books in her “With Honors” series, are available on Amazon and all major book retailers. Her latest sensual addition, MOUNTING DEUCE, the first novel in her “Heat of Arrest” series releases August 14, 2019.

     When asked what makes her new release unique; she stated “MOUNTING DEUCE is more than simply an adult romance novel. It’s a love story steeped in realism where everything is not perfect and magical because life isn’t. This is about two people who aren’t perfect, but discover they are perfect for each other – with several humorous realities of dating after forty.”

     Ms. Winters was born and raised in the Midwest. She has her master’s in military psychology and is currently working on her doctorate in industrial organizational psychology. She is an avid researcher and reader and when she is not lost in the world of her own creation, she is busy exploring the southwest region of the country. She is slightly addicted to coffee and after recently moving to Arizona, has a new-found appreciation for Central Air Conditioning.

     MOUNTING DEUCE is a sensual novel about the mishaps of dating after divorce, the comical joys children add to the mix, and the strain of finding time for each other. Ms. Winters captures the humorous side of online dating and shows how friendships can help maintain sanity. Told in first person, the author follows Arya Lucas along her journey in discovering the trials and tribulations of dating a law enforcement officer.

     Detective Deuce works in homicide for the Phoenix PD and attempts to balance a demanding career with being a single father and dating. His chance encounter with Arya alters their lives and enlightens their world. However, they soon learn that not everyone is thrilled about their budding relationship and will go to great lengths to end it.

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